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What is Houstonian Approved Notary?

Houstonian Approved Notary is a full service mobile notary. We realize legal documents can be stressful. You also may need a notary or signing agent after hours. Are you too busy to go? Nothing to fear, we come to you! If you prefer, we can meet at your home, work, school, hospital, coffee shop, park or any convenient location that fits your schedule. Perfect! Contact Houstonian Approved Notary. We service Clear Lake, Webster, Kemah, La Marque, Texas City, and surrounding areas the areas.* Book an appointment online or call us. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

*Willing to travel further; An additional travel fee will be applied.

Booked Appointment

We will call you to confirm the date and time. You will also receive an email 24 hours before appointment informing you of the appointment just in case you may need to reschedule.

If you need to schedule an appointment on a Sunday, it is best to call or text.

About Me

Helping people is a passion of mine. I strive to provide the best service for my clients in all aspects. My role is about understanding everyone’s unique needs, being promptly available, and communicating effectively.

I am NNA certified, background checked, and currently a Texas licensed Realtor® willing to travel to any mutually convenient location for our clients.

What I love about my work is not only the feeling of helping people, but genuinely getting to know them while providing them excellent service. By going through the documents thoroughly, not rushing my clients, and hopefully by the end of our time together everyone is satisfied with their service.

I also work closely with a network of trusted professionals to ensure that no matter what questions or situations that may come up, I’ll have the best solution for my clients.

I would be honored to work with you on all your notarial needs, where at Houstonian Approved it’ll be our pleasure to "Provide first class service with you in mind!"

I’m Kristina Harper a Certified Notary Agent.

General Notary


Credit Repair


Our Services

Real Estate Documents


· Refinance

· Bill of Sales

· Land Trusts

· Loan Modification

· Reverse Mortgage

· First & Second Mortgage

Business Documents

· I-9 Verification

· Promissory Note

· Brand Recognition

· Soft-Sell Approach

· Contracts

· Letters and statements

· Financial Statements

Family Documents

· Adoption Papers

· Annulment Papers

· Prenuptial Forms

· Divorce Decrees

· Domestic Partnership

· Travel Consent Form

· Copy Certification by Document Custodian

Trust Documents

· Wills

· Health Forms

· Insurance Forms

· Deed of Trust

· Trust Documents

· Power of Attorney

· Advance Directives

Vehicle Documents

· Car Titles

· Automotive Signings

· Traffic School Final Exam

· Motor Vehicle Documents

Other Documents

· Visa

· Authorizations

· Jurats – Oaths

· Jail Notarizations

· Acknowledgments

· Political Candidate Documents

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Additional Information

You may fill out your document, but do NOT put your signature on any document UNTIL you are in the presence of the Notary Agent.

If you need an Acknowledgement Notary Certificate an ID is required.

Examples of ID's:

-UNEXPIRED Driver's License

-State ID

-Military ID

-US Passport

-Green Card

-Inmate Card

-Foreign Passports Stamped by U.S. Customs

A foreign unexpired passport is allowed for Real Estate transactions only.

If you don't have a valid ID card, then go to a notary that you know personally because they will not require an ID.

If you don't know a notary personally, then your next best option is to bring a friend who knows you well, has a valid ID, and is willing to swear under oath and penalty of perjury that he/she can personally verify your identity. This witness cannot be named in or have any financial interest in the document in question. Only then will your ID not be required as long as your friend does have a valid ID.

If you need a Jurat Notary Certificate an ID will be requested, but is not required by law. The signer of the document will be REQUIRED to be placed under oath with penalty of perjury and must swear to the truth of the document.

Other important requirements for signers:

1. Signer of the document is of sound mind

2. Signer must be aware of the document content and ramifications of signing said document

3. Notary Agent will determine the willingness of Signer to sign the document without any coercion

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